When Special Circumstances arise, Hypnobirthing can still help

When Special Circumstances arise, Hypnobirthing can still help

When special circumstances arise, hypnobirthing can still help you have a calm and relaxed experience as well as make informed decisions. Edie Rose Collins was born on the Wednesday 17th Feb a healthy 8lb 6oz exactly 1 week after my due date. Unfortunately she had other ideas on how this birth was going to go as when my waters broke on the Tuesday afternoon there was lots of meconium. Once in hospital we were placed on the labour ward and on constant monitoring and were unable to use the pool. The mobile monitor was in use but the midwife’s were really great at helping me to be as mobile as possible within the room. It was decided that she needed to come out quicker than we were going and after taking the time to asses the options and risks of not having the artificial drip we decided it was the safest option for the baby and also reduced the chances of needing a c-section.

The hypnobirthing techniques were invaluable at keeping me calm – the midwives were quite surprised at how we were managing and they also supported in breathing baby out rather than pushing. It became apparent that Edie needed to come out even quicker so I also had to have an episiotomy & forceps as the shoulders were completely stuck and the umbilical cord was around her neck.

I found it so invaluable having my partner involved. Jez was an absolute star in keeping me focused on my breathing and using the techniques to make sure we both stayed calm despite the circumstances.

Natalie & Jez, Amersham

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