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If you live in Norfolk, learn the power of hypnobirthing with live, interactive online courses you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. I offer private or group classes, as well as group baby massage classes for infants from newborn to pre-crawling. 4-week hypnobirthing courses starting at £135 for 8 hours of live, interactive classes.

Welcome to Together Birthing

Together Birthing welcomes you and congratulates you on your pregnancy. I’m Emma. I’m a Hypnobirthing practitioner and a hypnobirthing mom myself. Teaching Hypnobirthing is not my job but my passion. I trained at the Hypnobirthing Institute and I also have the pleasure of working with the best Hypnobirthing practitioner in the UK, Jenny Mullan, who is accredited from the Royal College of Midwives.

I am offering Hypnobirthing online courses for couples in Norfolk. The purpose is to educate couples about childbirth and hypnobirthing through interactive, online Hypnobirthing classes. These classes will prepare you and your partner for a smooth and trouble-free birth. I, as a hypnobirthing mother, know how this technique can make your birthing experience painless and I take pride in sharing my experiences.

Online Hypnobirthing Classes in Norfolk

Private online hypnobirthing classes

If you need the course to fit in around your diary or you prefer more of a one-on-one, personal approach – tailored to your specific needs.

Group online hypnobirthing classes

Interactive and friendly online group classes where you can come together with like-minded couples to fully prepare for a positive birth experience.

Refresher online hypnobirthing classes

If you have done hypnobirthing before and want to refresh your knowledge and practice – a class that is tailored to your specific needs.

Online baby massage classes

For parents and babies from newborn to pre-crawling – can help with bonding, relaxation, sleep and colic discomfort.

If you are looking for hypnobirthing classes in Norfolk or its surrounding areas, then I would love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions.

What You Will Learn

Norfolk is an amazing city and it will be amazing to raise kids in this friendly city with lots of lovely couples.

Hypnobirthing is beneficial because:


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    Want to know what exactly Hypnobirthing is, how it can help you, and how it works? You can read all about it here.

    The pain during labour depends on lots of factors, as the woman’s body goes through extreme changes when giving birth to a child. Sometimes medical intervention is required to protect mother and baby from serious harm. 

    Hypnobirthing can certainly help to reduce the pain. It is basically an acquired skill and its efficiency depends on establishing a practice. In a study, the Hypnobirthing Institute found that:

      • 65 to 70% of Hypnobirthing mothers don’t require any pain relief medicines. 
      • 69% didn’t need pain relief in any form. 
      • 20 to 25% of Hypnobirthing mothers needed mild pain relief, while 5 to 10% of them faced special circumstances and required medical intervention. 

    Those who faced special circumstances revealed that Hypnobirthing helped them even when they needed medical intervention. You can read real-life stories of some of these Hypnobirthing students on my blog

    The primary goal of Hypnobirthing is to teach couples how to make the birthing process smooth and stress-free, irrespective of circumstances. Hypnobirthing will help you stay relaxed in all sorts of situations and will help you to ask the right questions, which is essential to make informed decisions.

    If a mother gives birth without epidural then she can move freely during labour. Epidural is a local anesthetic for the lower back and it prevents the mother from feeling any pain during labour and birth but without an epidural mother can walk, change position and stay connected to the lower body which is essential for breathing baby down easily and quickly. Epidural increases birthing time and may lead to other interventions like vacuum extractor and forceps. Drug-free childbirth leads to quick recovery. SOmetimes pain relief medicines become essential but couples should know their effects on mother and baby.  

    Hypnobirthing helps mothers to experience drug-free birth which is far more better and beneficial than drugged birthing. As per WHO 10% mothers need genuine medical intervention during labour and birth. Hypnobirthing also helps these mothers to stay calm and relaxed in all kinds of circumstances.

    The best time for this course is between 20th (after your 20-week scan) and the 30th week of your pregnancy. If you are later than 30 weeks, you can still book a place for the course as long as you remain in touch with the course. You can also look for a monthly one-day intensive course in Norfolk.

    Definitely. Yes. Deep relaxation and self-hypnosis will result if you practice regularly. You should try to make it a weekly practice to obtain maximum success. The time frame of the 4-week course prepares you and your birth partner to remain relaxed and confident as you approach the birthing day. The good thing about the one-day intensive hypnobirthing course is that it is done a few weeks before your due date, giving you ample time to practice key skills from the course. I will be available on the phone and email to answer any of your queries regarding the course.

    Anyone who wants to feel confident and prepared for birth can try Hypnobirthing. Many of our students are first-time mums with no previous experience of childbirth and are looking to calm their nerves. There are also mothers who are in their second pregnancy, who want an alternative approach for childbirth because Mum may want to have a positive experience during the second childbirth. Hypnobirthing can be suited for mothers who want to have a vaginal birth after Caesarean (VBAC). It can help to release fears about having a vaginal birth. The hypnobirthing techniques are suitable for hospitals and birth centers, as well as home births.

    Hypnosis is not about losing control of your body and becoming unaware of your surroundings. Hypnosis is just about relaxing the mind and entering a special mental state to release stress. It is an acquired skill and you can master it with practice, and we will help you to improve this skill through our courses. 

    The Hypnobirthing course is much more than self-hypnosis; it involves a whole philosophy and approach for childbirth and pregnancy. The technique can be used for stress relaxation after birth for new mums.

    Hypnobirthing is beneficial for the baby. Your baby has the same feeling which you feel. When you are calm and relaxed, the baby would enjoy the same sensation in your womb. The body releases Endorphins, a natural relaxant, when it is in a calm state and goes in the placenta and umbilical cord. This may serve a purpose to adjust the baby to the outside life. It can also comfort the birth journey. Research has shown that babies of those mothers who have had natural childbirth are more alert and show more liking in breastfeeding behaviors like sucking and massaging the mother’s breasts.

    Ideally for live online classes, you need a minimum upload and download speed of 2Mbps. You can run a test on your computer using the speed test tool


    You will find CDs and MP3 on the market for the course but they would not be effective during childbirth. The course that I teach includes skills and lessons which can be very important for childbirth and would provide an understanding of the skills required for success. I ensure that important learning is provided to moms which can provide relaxation during pregnancy and childbirth phase. My course is useful for all of the audience and it is better than CDs and Mp3 present in the market.