Penny & Iain’s Amazing Birth Stories

Penny & Iain’s Amazing Birth Stories

Penny writes:-

In a nutshell the labour was really quick, I started feeling some contractions around 12/1 in the afternoon and they were soon 2-3 mins apart and lasting 30-40 seconds so I called the midwife. She came and did an internal examination on me and said at about 3pm that I was only 2cm dilated so left and told me to call back when the contractions got more intense. Iain got home at 4pm and started filling the birthing pool. In the mean time my surges were getting stronger but I kept breathing through them. At about 5pm the surges were constant and at that point my waters broke and Iain took me upstairs to the birthing pool and called the midwives to come out.

The water was a bit too hot so I just stood in the pool until Iain could put enough cold water to cool it enough for me and as soon as it was I sat down in it and immediately felt my body start to push the baby out. I must admit I didn’t do the J breathing as my body was doing all the work and literally pushed the baby out for me. The baby’s head came out before the midwives arrived and then my body did one more surge and her body came out just as the midwives came in (at 5.30pm). Amazingly the baby coming out didn’t hurt at all, the surges themselves were more painful. The midwives put the baby on my chest for some skin on skin and then the placenta was delivered naturally 20 mins later. I didn’t tear at all so didn’t need any stitches and I put that down to doing the perineal massage daily. Throughout the whole labour I was calm and in control. I wouldn’t say that it was a painless experience because it did get intense at some points but I did not have any type of pain relief at all and the sensations I had were completely bearable. Iain was also really great, he stayed in control and calm, did the soft touch massage and was generally very soothing.

I put my amazing birth experience down to the hypnobirthing lessons and doing the rainbow relaxation and birthing affirmations (almost) daily, so thank you for teaching Iain and I the skills we needed to make that happen.

Iain writes:-

We gave birth on Thursday at home using Hypnobirthing and labour lasted 2.5hrs. It was the most incredible experience.

My fiancé religiously listened to the birthing affirmations and we constantly practiced our deepening relaxations in the build up to the due date and when the time came we were well prepared with the birthing pool all set up and confidence in our practice and belief that a drug free, comfortable birth would happen. It did.

Within 2 hours Penny had fully dilated without any unbearable pain. Pure breathing techniques and a birthing ball. I gave a lot of soft touch massage, played ambient music and spoke soothingly to my amazing partner with confident words about the birth of our beautiful child.

HypnobirthingBy the time I managed to get the pool at optimum heat Penny’s surges where constant and I knew it was happening. She got fully into the birthing pool and before the midwives had even reached the front door, the head had popped out. I knew it was down to me to birth my child and as the rest of the body was coming out, the midwives arrived and I called out in relief that they had arrived ( it was 2.30 hrs at this stage – very fast for what I’m lead to believe) they unwrapped the umbilical cord that was around her neck and handed our beautiful daughter to Penny

Penny didn’t tear at all and has not only recovered but she is pretty much back to normal within 48hrs and we are blissfully happy.

Without Hypnobirthing, we know that this experience wouldn’t have been as magical as it was and fully believe in the power of a positive mind and belief in oneself can accomplish unbelievable feats.

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