Hannah’s birth story

Hannah’s birth story

Just wanted to let you know baby Michael arrived on the 27th October safe and sound!


I just wanted to thank you for the course, it was unbelievable how much it helped both Ian and I during labour.  I had such a positive experience, my waters broke at 4am and I managed to labour at home until I was 8cm, the midwives were a bit surprised at how calmly we arrived to the maternity hospital! We used Clary Sage, dimmed the lighting and the light touch massage was a God send! 


When we got to the delivery suite I actually decided to get into a birthing pool and labour went really well – I was surprised at how the breathing helped with pain management and I didn’t need anything else. 

We did hit a bit of a stumbling block towards the end, Michael didn’t move down enough on his own so wehad to have a vacuum assisted delivery. Ian was amazing throughout – he kept me so focused and positive. I didn’t even notice the two additional midwives and doctor in the room and we managed perfectly.  And if it wasn’t for hypnobirthing I’d say I would have panicked at the change of plans at the end and the delivery may not have gone as smoothly.  But Ian just made sure I focused on him, my breathing and nothing else and it went so well. We only had one overnight stay in hospital and Michael’s been doing amazing since he got home – a very chilled out baby (apart from when he’s hungry!)

Hannah, Ian and Michael.

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