Refresher online hypnobirthing classes

Refresher online hypnobirthing classes

Refresher online hypnobirthing classes


About this course

The 2 hour online refresher hypnobirthing class is very much tailored to your specific needs, whether that is going over the breathing and visualisation techniques, or recapping on the role of the birth companion, birth positions, or the birth environment. We cover how to cope with special circumstances and if you are feeling nervous about any aspect of birth, we will do some fear release work to help you feel more confident and relaxed.

Contact me today to find out more or to book – email me or call +44(0)7738328105


£50 for 2 hour online class only.

£80 for 2 hour online class including Hypnobirthing Course Companion book and 9 relaxation downloads by Jenny Mullan.

Both courses include support by email and phone during and after the course

The course fee is payable at the time of booking by bank transfer.

What People Say

Isaac joined us happy, healthy and instantly adored. I managed the birth without pain relief despite Isaac being back-to-back, and I really think the hypnobirthing breathing techniques helped. Concentrating on my breath gave me something to concentrate on which helped keep me calm. Thanks for the refresher class.” Clare, Tring

CONTACT ME TODAY TO FIND OUT MORE OR TO BOOK – send an email or call +44(0)7738328105


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