Group online hypnobirthing classes

Group online hypnobirthing classes

Group online hypnobirthing classes


About this course

The online group weekly hypnobirthing classes with Together Birthing provide you with all the knowledge, tools and techniques that you need for an easier, calmer, more confident and more manageable birthing experience.

The group hypnobirthing classes fully prepare you and your birth partner for birth, with practical knowledge about birth and breathing, relaxation, visualisation and fear release techniques, so that you can approach your birthing day feeling at ease and confident.

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The online group hypnobirthing classes are small and friendly with plenty of scope for questions and answers. The course enables you to meet like-minded parents-to-be, who live in your area, in a relaxed and friendly online environment.

For the course you will be sent a course companion book and 9 relaxation downloads to practice and enjoy at home.

What You Will Learn

The online group hypnobirthing classes are interactive with plenty of scope for questions and discussion. You will be given all the practical support you need with the breathing, fear release and relaxation techniques so that you feel comfortable and confident as you approach your birthing day.

  • Knowledge about how hypnobirthing works and how the body and mind functions during birth
  • How to create the most supportive birth environment
  • Deep relaxation, visualisation, breathing and light touch massage techniques
  • Emotional release techniques to get rid of any fears or anxieties that could stand in the way
  • Exercises to help prepare your body for birth
  • Natural ways to help induce labour
  • A birth rehearsal for labour and birthing stage, including birthing positions
  • Birth companion’s role and guidance on how to fully support you on the day
  • How to stay calm, fully informed and make informed decisions if special circumstances arise including artificial induction
  • Writing your birth preferences


Group Hypnobirthing Course – £135 per couple

The price includes:-

  • The Hypnobirthing Course Companion book by Jenny Mullan
  • 9 hypnobirthing relaxation downloads (worth £56) by Jenny Mullan
  • £2 charitable contribution to Women and Children First –
  • Support by email and phone during and after the course if needed

£50 deposit is payable at the time of booking with the balance payable 2 weeks before the start of the first class, by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

What People Say

The course helped me overcome my fear of birth which was held from an early age and gave me the tools and techniques to deal with the most unknown experience in a more calm and educated way. The breathing techniques I used all the way through and they really helped me stay more relaxed and calm. The course was relaxed and had small groups so it was an intimate and supportive environment and I felt more confident in my husband’s ability to support me after the course, which he did fantastically!” Gemma, Tring

CONTACT ME TODAY TO FIND OUT MORE OR TO BOOK – email or call 07738328105


Our course begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what people do, think, say, and feel. In this module, you’ll learn how to keep an open mind while learning.

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